Expert opinions for private parties

In a legal dispute, a high-impact submission of fact is often decisive, and a competent supporting expert opinion can determine the success or failure of your legal proceedings. We support you in preparing and conducting complex legal disputes in the information technology sector – even on the international level. Our expert opinions make the relevant objective issues transparent for all parties involved and effectively present the decisive technical arguments.

An extensive network of experts for the various technologies and processes enables ecambria experts to analyze even complex, multidimensional matters. We ensure that the team contains the right experts who have the relevant practical experience out of a wide range of specialized industry and technology-specific issues.

Our range of services :

  • Analysis of the situation in disputed software projects
  • Communication with the client’s technical departments
  • Preparation of expert opinions in German and English
  • Preparation of clear fault descriptions
  • Support in preparing the attorney’s submission of fact
  • Accompanying site inspections with court-appointed experts
  • Analysis and assessment of expert opinions of court-appointed experts