Neutral experts for the courts

Courts are increasingly being confronted with disputes in which software, computers or networks like the internet play a key role. Programming errors, damage to computers, unmet requirements in IT projects, cost overruns and many similar matters are becoming the objects of legal actions. With our accurate, relevant expert opinions, we have helped numerous courts to fully comprehend the decisive technical facts and reach well-founded decisions in a wide variety of legal proceedings. We see ourselves as providers of a service to the courts and are familiar with the formal framework and rules for professional expert opinions. You can count on our technical expertise even in hotly disputed proceedings with extremely high values in dispute, mountains of files and extensive documentation in foreign languages.

Our range of services :

  • Analysis of deficits in complex projects
  • Development of constructive compromises and solution proposals
  • Preparation of expert determinations
  • Examination of source code and transfer of source code to escrow
  • Assessment of the performance capabilities of service providers
  • Assessment of the contributory performance of clients