Services for both parties: Independent arbitrators and mediators

Particularly in the complex world of IT systems and projects, misunderstandings and differences of opinion are common occurrences. When an IT project is not making progress, when meaningful communication between project managers no longer appears possible or when the project objective is in danger, we, as an independent third party, can cut the Gordian Knot and enable both partners to again combine their strengths and work together to achieve the project objective.

In some cases, a compromise that quickly brings the project to an end can be the best solution. In this way, the parties avoid dragging their disputes through the courts for years, in the process expending a great deal of money, time and energy.

In addition to our work for courts, we also support you within the context of extrajudicial dispute resolution and in German and international arbitration systems – for example the dispute resolution services of the International Chamber of Commerce.

Our range of services :

  • Analysis of deficits in complex projects
  • Development of constructive compromises and solution proposals
  • Preparation of expert determinations
  • Examination of source code and transfer of source code to escrow
  • Assessment of the performance capabilities of service providers
  • Assessment of the contributory performance of clients