As one of the leading expertise firms for information processing in Europe, we specialize in providing attorneys, businesses and courts with independent consultation and practical advice on all issues relating to information technology. We have specific experience as court appointed experts in German courts.

Currently, the following experts are working at ecambria:

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The expert opinions of ecambria experts make complex situations which are so typical of IT projects transparent, while illuminating those specific aspects that are of decisive importance in a dispute or a major entrepreneurial decision.

As independent arbitrators and mediators, we deliver decisive support for IT projects in crisis. Acting in the role of a neutral third party, we have the necessary distance that enables us to resolve a conflict situation with its interpersonal, technical and business aspects in such a way that all parties involved in the project can once more move forward constructively.

As consultants, we also act as an interface between clients and IT service providers – for instance by developing innovative system concepts, structuring requests for quotations, defining specifications, and conducting software acceptance. Explore the portfolio of services that ecambria experts can offer you on this web site.